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CEREBROedu Nearpod Training Survey

Dear Educator:

Thank you for taking a few minutes to answer some questions about your experience with the CEREBROedu Nearpod trainings and your sense of preparation for your program. Our firm, Knight Williams Inc., specializes in the development and evaluation of informal science and health education media projects. The survey you are about to complete is an important part of the information we are gathering for the National Institutes of Health, which provided funding for the CEREBROedu project.

This survey is divided into 2 parts. Part 1 asks for your reactions to the Nearpod trainings, while Part 2 asks you to look ahead to your program. As you answer the questions, please keep in mind that there are no right or wrong answers; we are just looking for your frank and honest feedback. Your responses are confidential and will be combined with those from other educators across the country and reported in the aggregate. No names or any other identifying information will be used in our reporting to the project team or to the NIH.

If you have any questions about the evaluation, please feel free to contact me directly at Once again, thank you for participating in CEREBROedu, and for providing us with your feedback!

Rachael Dobrowolski
CEREBROedu Study Manager
Knight Williams Inc.
PO Box 341220
Sacramento, CA 95834
Phone 916-419-1472
Fax 916-266-7514

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